You may have seen the sale of replica Tiffany goods on the street, or perhaps you stumbled upon a replica Tiffany key chain or replica Tiffany watch while searching on the Internet. At a cursory glance, maybe you thought it seemed harmless. In fact, counterfeiting harms numerous people and negatively impacts the communitites in which we live.

First, once a consumer clicks the "purchase" button, it cannot be known whether his or her hard-earned money will result in receipt of anything at all. Many sellers of replica Tiffany goods—often living in a foreign country—merely set up websites with pictures, and once an item is purchased, because they are not beholden to the laws of the United States, may pocket that money and never send the replica Tiffany earrings, for example. It happens a lot.

Second, those who sell replica Tiffany products will often take advantage of the labor laws in their countries, exploiting workers, even children sometimes, by paying them a wage far lower than that which is livable.

Finally, replica Tiffany sellers, because they already operate an illegal business, are often involved in other illegal practices, such as identity theft, terrorism, and tax evasion, the latter meaning that they refuse to pay the taxes that help fund the improvement of our cities and states.

Clearly the effects of counterfeiting are far-reaching, but continue reading to learn even more about replica Tiffany accessories and jewelry.