Unfortunately, some consumers intentionally choose to purchase replica Tiffany jewelry. Perhaps these shoppers simply don't understand how replica Tiffany bracelets, replica cuff links, replica pendants and replica necklaces are made or the low-quality materials typically used to make such goods.

Replica Tiffany goods are generally made with low-quality materials, plain and simple. In order for a counterfeiter to sell replica Tiffany products at a substantial discount, he or she must use materials that are cheaper. This means that a replica Tiffany ring or a pair of replica Tiffany earrings will very likely become disfigured, marred, or broken in no time at all, leaving a consumer with a useless piece of cheap metal.

A seller of replica Tiffany products will be pushing to cut manufacturing costs, as well. This means there is little attention to detail, less time devoted to craftsmanship, and every possible corner will be cut. This not only results in a replica product that will likely fall apart, but it is also more likely that other people will spot it as a fake.

There simply isn't a good reason to purchase replica Tiffany products; they won't last, they can't compare to genuine Tiffany goods, and they can cause some embarrassing situations.