Tiffany has spent a great deal of time and energy fighting the sale of replica Tiffany products. Tiffany receives a countless number of calls and letters from consumers who have been duped and swindled by counterfeiters, and although the company cannot directly provide monetary relief to these consumers, or repair the poorly made replica Tiffany bracelet or pendant they purchased, Tiffany continues to file lawsuits against counterfeiters and educates the public about the problem where possible.

There is little consumers can do, when shopping online, to ensure that the necklaces or rings they are purchasing are truly authentic Tiffany items. However, there is one way to guarantee that a purchase comes directly from Tiffany and is manufactured with high standards and quality materials:

Buy genuine Tiffany jewelry and accessories at the official Tiffany website or at any of Tiffany's many stores world-wide.

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